Auto Colorcast Remover for Corona Renderer

auto colorcast remover for corona render engine

Auto Colorcast Remover for Corona Renderer


Auto Colorcast Remover (Corona Renderer version) is intended to calculate and then remove the color-cast of a render. It follows an entirely different approach for its calculation than automatic white balance correction and it may more reliable in various types of scenes..  it depends on the Corona renderer frame buffer (VFB) to get the image and then its calculations may start.


forever free with no registration required in 3ds Max​

auto colorcast remover corona version 1.01 by Mohammadreza Mohseni

Mohammadreza Mohseni

created by

Notes & Installation

this script does not require to install anything. just run it by using one of the following ways:

⦿ Scripting (Menu) > Run Script…


⦿ Drag the .mse file on the viewport


⦿ Fill out the form and then click on the “Get Download Link” button to receive the download link via your e-mail. 

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