3ds Max Script

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  • Enable Gamma Correction

    ensure Gamma Correction of 3dsMax is enabled and set to 2.2

  • Reset Input Gamma

    FileInGamma = 2.2

  • Reset Output Gamma

    FileOutGamma = 2.2

What does it do?

This simple but handy script will reset the gamma setting in 3dsMax completely. 

input and output gamma reset to 2.2

and the gamma 2.2 correction of 3dsMax will be enabled.

so if it accidentally changed for any reason you may reset it easily.


You have two option to run this script.
You just need to use one of them.


This 3ds max script has no option or interface. just run it and it does the job.


Thank you for considering making a donation. This will support me to write more 3ds Max script.

In order to download the script, click on the button and fill out the form.

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