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  • Convert Specular to IOR

    using a well-known formula

specular map to ior map converter

What does it do?

This little command line program makes it easy to convert Specular to IOR using a well-known formula that has been used in the CGI community and apps through these years.
Using this Specular to IOR texture converter, creating PBR materials in render engines that do not support Specular slot (so use IOR instead) would be a much more convenient experience with an expected good-looking result. In render engines like V-Ray or Corona Renderer (version 6 and earlier) using the specular map is not easy you must convert the map using several nodes which may take a while especially if you want to create several PBR material from different texture providers like Arroway Textures, CG Axis, Poliigon, Texture Haven and etc. which usually does not include an IOR map and comes with Specular map. So, by using this converter tool you may use the generated IOR map from the specular one directly in the render engine IOR slot you have a much simpler material node graph and faster render time.

How to use it?

This is a portable stand-alone program. so just run the converter EXE file. Then, select the specular map you want and let the conversion process complete.
The output IOR texture will be saved in the same directory of the Specular map with the same resolution and same file type as well.


Version 1.00:


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