Auto Colorcast Remover for Corona Renderer

auto colorcast remover for corona render engine

Auto Colorcast Remover for Corona Renderer


Auto Colorcast Remover (Corona Renderer version) is intended to calculate and then remove the color-cast of a render. It follows an entirely different approach for its calculation than automatic white balance correction and it may more reliable in various types of scenes..  it depends on the Corona renderer frame buffer (VFB) to get the image and then its calculations may start.


click here to see it in action
auto colorcast remover corona version 1.01 by Mohammadreza Mohseni

How it Works:

After running the script it will check 3 conditions (checkboxes) and if all of them are accepted (which in that case they will be displayed in green) then you can use the button < “Remove Color Cast” > to run the calculations and then the frame buffer color tint will be affected accordingly. 

You may use intensity before or after hitting the < “Remove Color Cast” > button to change the intensity of the effect.

The 3 mentioned conditions are:

1- Corona renderer must be your selected render engine. Also, you can click on the text of this condition to set the render engine automatically.

2- Elapsed render passes need to be at least 2  to run the script. It does not matter if it is an interactive render or the final production render. and because of this script use frame buffer content, it must not be empty and a render need to be in there (VFB)

3- the VFB color tint needs to be pure white (RGB 255 255 255) to use this script. Also, you may click on text of this condition to set frame buffer color tint to pure white.

if you click on any 3 color boxes next to the < “Remove Color Cast” > button then the color of that box will apply to the Frame Buffer color tint option.  the last one (right box) is always white so you use this to set the color tint option to pure white as well.

How it Affect Renders:

Its effect on render can vary from a very subtle one to extreme measure. And, it depends on the image lights and materials. you may change the intensity of the effect using the intensity slider which you can find in the middle of the script interface. 

How the algorithm works:

This Script uses pixel luminosity and average pixel color to determine the resulted color cast of the image and them remove it using the framebuffer (VFB) color tint option. 

  • This is a very safe script with no malware, virus, trojan, or any suspicious code. 
  • I will not grantee anything so, use it on your own risk.
  • You may even use this during rendering (which I myself do this exactly without any issue what so ever) but it will have a performance drop and if your computer does not have enough resources it may face an unpredicted problem. 

How to Install:

this script does not require to install anything. just run it by using one of the following ways:

Autodesk 3ds Max compatible versions:

Corona Renderer compatible versions:


  • Remove Color-cast Automatically

Download Area

Click the button below to get the download link. it will take 3 only seconds 

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