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  • Use Legacy Corona Converter in Corona 7 and newer versions

Add Legacy Corona Converter to Quad Menu screenshot

What does it do?

This is a quick and little 3ds Max script which save my time everyday by putting corona converter 1.45 (corona renderer version 6 converter ) in quad menu next to new corona converter to use both in case you need it.

So, you can convert V-Ray materials to both Corona Legacy Material and Corona Physical Material at the same time and be more versatile in your projects.
Plus, you can use removed tools of Corona Converter 2.0 by using Corona Converter 1.45


Version 1.00:

Just extract the zip file you download then drag and drop the MZP file on 3ds Max viewport or run this file from Scripting > Run Script… menu of 3ds Max and then click on “Add Legacy Corona Converter to Quad Menu” button. That’s it.

Note - Credits

The credit of corona converter goes to Corona Renderer team and Martin Geupel which originally create it. I just make and installation for using it along side of new corona converter in corona 7+.

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